Drug Treatment Programs

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Choosing a treatment program is part of the admissions process, which is led by the treatment team at ITTR who can professionally evaluate your loved one’s substance use disorder and make the best recommendation.

Knowing the difference between each treatment program can help you make an informed decision when your loved one is ready for drug and alcohol rehab.

Why Choose ITTR For

Addiction Recovery

With ITTR, all levels of care are held at a single location to accommodate every stage of recovery. Our goal is to keep your loved one engaged with treatment so they can experience the best possible outcome.


Programs At ITTR

Medical Drug Detox

Medical detox is usually the first stage of addiction treatment for those who are physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol detox takes place in a supervised medical setting where patients can sleep and rest as they go through withdrawal. Medications may be used to relieve withdrawal symptoms and lessen any discomfort.

The length of drug detox can last anywhere between a few days to several weeks, depending on the substance being used and on the severity of the patient’s drug dependence.

Inpatient and Residential Drug Rehab

Inpatient and residential rehab programs usually last for one to three months and allow patients to live at the treatment facility where they receive 24-hour medical care and support. Inpatient programs offer intensive care in an acute hospital setting and are usually necessary for those who have serious physical and/or psychological health needs. Residential programs offer structure and support to those who are physically and emotionally stable, but who may have a history of relapse or a non- supportive, unstable living environment.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab programs are more flexible for those who have resumed their work, education, and/or family lives.

Outpatient rehab is available during daytime, evening, and weekend hours, and it provides individual and group behavioral interventions that help patients stay on track with recovery. Medications and dual diagnosis therapy are also available at outpatient rehab for those who may be experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms or who have a co-occurring mental illness. Patients who receive outpatient care are often more independent and have learned skills that help them avoid relapse.


And Customized Treatment

We are committed to providing exceptional service to promote long-term recovery. ITTR also offers quality amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and therapeutic activities like yoga and music therapy.