Intensive Outpatient Program

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Outpatient treatment programs for addiction are available at ITTR in a variety of types and intensity levels. These programs can be customized for you or a loved one based on factors such as the severity of the substance use disorder and whether you are also managing work, school, or family lives in addition to receiving treatment.

Why Choose ITTR for
Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient treatment at ITTR helps you develop skills for managing everyday problems and triggers without turning to drugs and alcohol. Outpatient programs also provide continued drug education and support group meetings so you can stay connected with the recovery population.


Substance abuse education in IOP teaches you all about how addiction affects your physical and mental health, as well as your relationships, career, and other life areas.

Outpatient treatment at ITTR may be a good option for those who have safe, supportive home environments that do not provide access to drugs and alcohol. 

    Outpatient therapy sessions at ITTR are held 3 times a week and offer solid, continued support for those who have completed other treatment programs.

    With our customized programs, some patients may benefit from certain services more than others and spend more time receiving therapies that target the root cause of their substance use disorders.

    For instance, people who began drinking to cope with PTSD may spend more time receiving trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy to face and overcome the traumatic experience that caused them to abuse alcohol.

    Outpatient treatment may also work well for those who are balancing jobs, careers, education, and family lives with addiction treatment. Outpatient programs are less costly than most residential and inpatient programs.



      Dual diagnosis therapy is available to help those who also suffer from co-occurring mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Co-occurring disorders affect nearly half of all people who are diagnosed with substance use disorders and vice versa, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Anxiety and depression are also common post-acute withdrawal symptoms that require ongoing treatment after completion of a drug or alcohol detox program.


      ITTR offers individualized outpatient programs to help you begin a successful, lasting recovery from substance abuse.