Native American Inpatient Treatment Center Orange County

A Quality Recovery Center

Addiction is complex and influenced by many factors. There are a number of successful treatment options. It’s important to note, not every person responds the same way, even if the treatment process is similar. At It’s Time to Recover, we understand the unique needs of specific populations. This is why we offer transgender drug detox and why we have a Native American inpatient treatment in Orange County. We make sure patients who belong to specific populations get treatment customized to their specific situation. Our professionals create a safe, understanding and compassionate place for all individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Inpatient Treatment for Native Americans

Native Americans find many benefits from attending an addiction treatment program designed to address their cultural needs. Our Native American recovery center near Orange County provides a safe and comfortable environment where members of the community can properly heal from substance abuse and misuse. When a person feels safe in the treatment plan, they are more likely to complete the program and succeed at recovery.

Transgender Treatment Centers

It’s Time to Recover also provides a transgender drug detox near Orange County. Many in the LGBTQ community are reluctant to ask for help with addictions for fear of discrimination or judgment. Some of them have had negative experiences with other treatment providers. We don’t base our treatment plans based on sexual identity. We make it easy for you to ask for help without fear of judgment or discrimination. At our transgender drug detox, we offer treatment and therapies designed to resolve problems unique to them while also providing general help with various addictions. For example, in addition to common treatments used for treating alcohol or drug addictions, we may also include instruction on how to deal with common stressors instead of reaching for alcohol or drugs.

Most Insurance Accepted

We accept most major health plans to help you pay for your drug rehabilitation treatment. Please call for verification of benefits coverage or check with your health insurance carrier for final determination regarding specific covered services.

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It’s Time to Recover can help with addiction recovery for you or a loved one. If you would like to inquire more about our program or make a referral, please call our admissions team.