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Tarzana Substance Abuse Counseling

Counseling is a significant procedure in treating drug-related issues. Programs like cognitive behavioral therapy and family counseling are some of the methods that help in forging better mental health. 

Why include counseling in substance abuse recovery?

Addiction is more than a mental dependence on stimulants. The person has a chemical alteration that prevents them from sustaining a healthy lifestyle without constant intervention by qualified medical and psychotherapy professionals. Other factors that offset otherwise stable abstinence include the following:

  • Stress
  • Visiting old neighborhoods that have a substantial drug infestation
  • Social meetups with friends who continue to use drugs 

How a Tarzana substance abuse counseling works

Several counseling therapies help abusers form treat drug abuse more efficiently. One method may not work on all conditions or patients. The right treatment plan will tailor the individual needs of all patients. 

The first step after stabilization from addiction involves defining the best course of action. The counselor will perform the following procedures before setting the plan:

  • Diagnosis of mental health
  • The social network of the individual
  • The individual goal of the patient, such as returning to a business or regaining their health
  • Understand possible threats that will induce relapse. Some include learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and chronic illness 

Most common counseling programs

Cognitive behavior therapy

This treatment focuses on the relationship between the person’s behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. The addict works with a formula that helps them focus on a problem and create a procedure to meet the goal of a solution. The general treatment duration is 14-16 weeks. 

Cognitive behavior therapy helps patients by helping them identify to identify and view the challenges of their conditions in a transparent manner. 

Group therapy

This counseling method involves more than one patient. The most common sizes are approximately eight to ten people. Groups can be one gender or a mixture.

Hearing about someone’s similar predicaments is a comforting way of helping patients face their demons. It is easy to find a leaning shoulder that will guide you through the exact mental path of overcoming addiction. Single-gender groups are common for addicts who have sexual related problems. 

Twelve-step program

This counseling program began in the 30s under the initiation of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many people around the world have a well-known understanding of the specifics of the method.

These programs are popular because they are often free and have several methods of approach. A typical twelve-step program will focus on the spiritual healing aspects and emphasize that individuals take personal responsibility for their conditions. Some focus on moderation and not abstinence; hence patients gain a smooth landing towards a healthy life. 

Twelve-step programs usually involve a group of people. The mountain is dividable between people at different levels of recovery. It’s Time To Recover has a thorough Tarzana substance abuse counseling program that helps people who do not have faith in rehabs.

People with reoccurring conditions will usually playoff symptoms of addiction and grow towards developing suicidal thoughts. You do not have to watch family and friends live through the agony of denial and painful life termination. Talk to us for further information on the programs.


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