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Specialized medical detox and residential treatment programs that offer 24-hour support and monitoring in a highly structured and safe environment.

With ITTR, you can count on the highest level of care for stability, mental health treatment, and intensive medical care.

Sober Living San Bernardino

Alcohol dependence is a dangerous medical condition that can degenerate at any moment. Therefore, we offer you a chance at sober living in San Bernardino, where we put you through a specialized treatment that focuses on eliminating addiction. Come to ITTR, and we will support your rehabilitation to sobriety.

What does sober living mean?

Living a sober life means that you no longer need to consume alcohol, and you have successfully overcome the withdrawal symptoms. To reach this stage, you need to undergo specialized rehab treatment. With the help of medication and psychotherapeutic therapy, you will walk out a changed person, addiction-free and sober.

Sobriety comes after a successful detox treatment session, considering that you don’t relapse in the future. The more you remain alcohol-free, the longer you stay sober. In this sense, our clinic provides periodic support and medication for our outpatient clients who prefer to continue the treatment. The intensive outpatient program allows for a more intense schedule, though still on a periodical timeframe.

Excellent rehab treatment

Our programs focus on the efficient and proactive treatment of addiction. When it comes to alcohol abuse, we provide medication-assisted procedures to dull your alcohol cravings. Afterward, we go forward with holistic programs to stabilize your mind and alleviate any mental issues. In the end, we attempt to reintegrate you socially, while also requiring you to visit us periodically for tests.

We have always followed a strict principle – different patients require different approaches. The same goes for addiction and its many forms, where a milder form of alcohol addiction requires lesser medication and shorter psychotherapy sessions. Alternatively, severe addictions necessitate an intense treatment schedule that focuses on freeing you from dependence efficiently and quickly.

Become sober quickly and efficiently

You no longer have to fear addiction and live with psychological pressure. We have a program perfect for you – sober living in San Bernardino. Come to us now, and we will start treating your dependence, retrofit your brain to discard harmful thought patterns and guide you toward sobriety. With our detox programs, you will progress quickly toward a life free of alcohol addiction.

We can hospitalize you within our center if you need more intense treatment. This also helps with avoiding any distractions or temptations, giving you 100% concentration on struggling against addiction. We also provide partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, and standard outpatient programs if you feel better at home.

How do you beat addiction?

It’s impossible to overcome addiction at home because withdrawal symptoms only disappear through medication-assisted treatment. Otherwise, the psychological pressure will push you deeper into the arms of addiction. Our program – sober living in San Bernardino – is a chance at a normal life, one without alcohol in it.

At ITTR, we strive to give addicts hope and treat their afflictions with care and responsibility. We offer hospitable living conditions, high-end treatments, and efficient, holistic approaches that push our patients toward sobriety. In the end, our mission is to cure you of alcohol addiction, eliminate the withdrawal symptoms, and prevent the relapse at the same time.

Sober Living San Bernardino

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The mission of ITTR is to provide the highest standard of treatment in a comfortable setting. Our staff of highly skilled professionals provide medical detox and inpatient services for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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