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Sober Living Riverside

When recovering from addiction, it is crucial to choose a safe living environment. Sober living homes give you the option to recover with others dealing with the same situation. ITTR sober living in Riverside helps you to make the transition back into society, living independent of drug or alcohol use. 

What is a sober living home?

This is a group home which encourages sobriety by creating a drug and alcohol-free environment. The sober living home, also called a halfway house, acts as a bridge between a residential facility and the outside world. When leaving a treatment center and returning home, one might find it difficult to adjust to daily life. Sober living homes provide an in-between that enables you to reinforce the lessons learned during treatment. 

For most people recovering from addiction, a sober living home is the deciding factor between relapsing back to old habits and continuing with sobriety. Although it isn’t as structured as an inpatient facility, it offers an intermediate environment. Somewhere the patients can develop healthy habits and coping skills that they can apply when they return home. Our homes are great options for those concerned about leaving a structured environment like a treatment facility back to daily life.

How does a sober living home differ from other programs?

Sober living homes differ from other residential programs in their structures. Our living homes are more loosely structured, accommodating outside obligations such as school, employment, etc. As a sober living home resident, you have the freedom of leaving home for family, work, or leisure at any time as long as you follow the house rules. You operate independently and are in charge of your own recovery.

If one resident is not committed to sobriety, they could jeopardize the recovery of other residents in the house. This is why most homes make it mandatory that a patient goes through rehab or detox first. Some sober homes require a signed contract with the patient stating their commitment to recovery. Some random drug tests to ensure the residents are taking sobriety seriously.

How sober living in Riverside helps

A stable living environment is crucial for a person’s well-being, especially a recovering addict. Research has shown that dysfunctional environments can negatively affect an addict’s recovery efforts and contribute to relapses. Our sober living homes provide safe living environments encouraging recovery and sobriety. Here you receive support from, share meals, and connect with fellow residents.  

Having around you people who are on the same path, who you can talk to and share with, can have a significant impact on your decision to remain sober. Residents often find it better living in a sober house because of the affordability and freedom to control their daily schedules. At ITTR, we provide impeccable community housing within a beautiful environment which promotes relaxation and encourages the patient to concentrate on their long-term sobriety fully. The readily available support system is also beneficial for their sobriety efforts.

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Sober Living Riverside

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