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Specialized medical detox and residential treatment programs that offer 24-hour support and monitoring in a highly structured and safe environment.

With ITTR, you can count on the highest level of care for stability, mental health treatment, and intensive medical care.

Orange County Drug Rehab

ITTR offers top-notch rehab treatment for drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring disorders. We are the #1 Orange County drug rehab center with a team of highly experienced and compassionate professionals.

Drug rehab treatment process

Deciding to join rehab for drug or alcohol abuse is the preliminary step but a major leap towards liberation. Rehab centers offer a calm, relaxing, and safe environment to adapt a drug-free life through medical detox, inpatient rehab programs, and therapy sessions. A good rehab program will not only cure the addiction but will get to the root cause of the addiction and correct any psychological issues to avoid relapse. Most treatment programs involve the following steps:

  • Admissions and Intake - Once you enroll in a treatment center, you will need to complete the admission process, which includes a complete health assessment. The doctor will analyze the extent of your addiction and the associated health disorders if any. The staff will run a quick check on you and your belongings to ensure that you do not carry any of the forbidden items into the facility. Based on the results from your assessment, your doctor and therapist will develop a treatment plan that best addresses your needs to help you attain sobriety.
  • Detox - A medical detox is the first step of treatment that aims to remove all the toxins and drugs from your body. In addition to detox, your doctor may also prescribe certain medications to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms in the safest and most effective manner.

At our Orange County drug rehab, we offer both in-patient and out-patient rehab programs based on the needs of the individual. We accept most insurance policies in America, call us to know more.

Is In-patient rehab better than Out-patient rehab?

In-patient programs are for patients with moderate to a severe drug-dependency problem and involve several treatments, therapies, and activities to help the individual heal from drug abuse. In-patient programs offer a better chance for patients to avoid external triggers during treatment and provides the best results in the long term in maintaining sobriety. 

On the other hand, outpatient treatment is best for those with mild to moderate levels of addiction issues. Patients who cannot take time off from jobs, school, or other activities can benefit from outpatient programs. These programs heal the addicted individual through one-on-one counseling, group therapies, treatment for psychological triggers, medications for withdrawal symptoms, etc.

What are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning?

The human body is capable of safely processing up to one unit of concentrated alcohol in one hour (equal to 3 glasses of wine or half a pint of beer). When an individual crosses this limit within an hour, it can lead to alcohol poisoning. Some of the symptoms may include mental confusion, vomiting, seizures, slow or irregular breathing, hypothermia, bluish skin, and paleness.

We follow a holistic treatment approach at our Orange County drug rehab. Get in touch with our team at ITTR to know more about our residential inpatient rehab program.

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Why It's Time to Recover?

The mission of ITTR is to provide the highest standard of treatment in a comfortable setting. Our staff of highly skilled professionals provide medical detox and inpatient services for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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