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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center San Clemente CA

Co-occurring disorders are the dark side of drug addiction, a problem that you can only solve with professional help. Our top dual diagnosis treatment center in San Clemente, CA, gathers top experts in the field of drug addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. We, at ITTR, firmly believe we can treat your affliction.

What does it mean to have a dual diagnosis?

In essence, it represents the medical condition where a patient suffers from drug addiction and related mental issues simultaneously. This condition needs a specific diagnosis from an expert because the nature of the mental problems is confusing when it comes to addiction. Psychological issues could be completely separate from drug abuse and vice-versa.

People with substance abuse problems often develop mental issues because of it, while the opposite is equally valid. Regardless of the order of events, a co-occurring disorder requires the implementation of special treatment. At our centers in California, we provide such a treatment focused on dealing with both substance abuse and mental issues simultaneously.

Co-occurring disorder treatment

A patient suffering from multiple disorders wouldn’t recuperate efficiently from a treatment that focuses on a single disorder. Instead, we implement integrated treatments that target both illnesses. Therefore, in the case of a dual diagnosis, we use both medication and behavioral therapy to combat substance abuse and mental illness.

Through CBT, a patient learns how to cope with both illnesses by switching negative mindsets with constructive ones. We teach our patients to abandon their harmful behaviors and beliefs because it often leads to drug abuse. Moreover, our integrated group therapy clarifies the relation between drug abuse and mental issues.

Efficient dual diagnosis solution

Besides cognitive behavioral therapy and integrated treatments, we also use several other procedures as well. Among them, we can name:

  • Medical drug detoxification
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Assertive community treatment
  • Contingency management
  • Exposure therapy

We fully support a personalized type of treatment for all our patients, meaning that we focus on analyzing the severity of a co-occurring disorder. Afterward, we decide which treatments would have the most efficient impact, and we devise a unique integrated recipe for each patient. At our dual diagnosis treatment center in San Clemente, CA, we ensure that patients receive suitable treatment for their particular condition.

Dual diagnosis requires immediate treatment

A co-occurring disorder is twice as harder to endure than simple substance abuse or mental issues taken alone. Because the illnesses are interdependent, we have to deal with both of them using the same treatment plan. Treating one disorder while leaving the other unchecked would result in the patient relapsing shortly. At our dual diagnosis treatment center in San Clemente, CA, we strive to bring technology and holistic approaches together.

We, at ITTR, rely on medication-assisted plans and holistic approaches to deal with both illnesses efficiently and proactively. We have the means and knowledge to treat your co-occurring disorder before it has a chance to harm your condition further. Contact us, and we can start treatment immediately.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center San Clemente CA

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