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Christian Rehab Orange County

Many people find their faith to be comforting when going through addiction. Spirituality is a great source of solace during recovery. Are you looking for a Christian rehab in Orange County? ITTR offers you a Christian rehab option that will free you from dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Types of Christian rehab

You can find Christian rehab programs in various settings. Some are part of more substantial treatment centers while others are small intimate 12-step meetings.  When it comes to Christian rehab programs, there are multiple types but below are the main ones

Christian alcohol rehab – because of how easily accessible alcohol is, it is one of the most abused substances in the country. Alcohol is so prevalent in our society. We are at a point where it advertised multiple times each day despite the number of health problems associated with its short term and long term use. Because of Christianity based programs, you no longer have to deal with alcohol addiction on your own.     

Christian drug rehab – the 12 step program pioneered by AA (alcoholics anonymous) has seen other organizations apply similar programs to other addictions, like Narcotics Anonymous.  These programs teach the importance of giving your life over to a higher power that will help deal with the addiction.

Celebrate recovery – this 12 step recovery program founded by John Baker is a variation of the AA 12 step program. It employs the same basic principles but with the main aim of accomplishing God’s will in the addict’s life. Every step of the program centers on a verse from the scriptures, i.e., the Bible.

Which programs can you find at a Christian rehab?

We offer various levels of treatment programs at our Christian rehab in Orange County. These include medical detox, in-patient, partial hospitalization, standard and intensive outpatient as well as residential programs. Our medical detox program can be provided as a stand-alone program or as part of the other programs. In these programs, we incorporate support groups, relapse prevention, medication management as well as Group and individual therapy sessions

Christian based rehab programs are critical in addiction treatment. This is because they teach an addict to focus on a higher power than themselves, that there is more to treatment than just physical well-being. These treatments, much like other traditional secular-based treatment options, heavily emphasize on offering a safe and supportive environment where the patient can have a reliable support system. Our Christian based addiction treatment programs carefully consider a patient’s Christian beliefs and work them into a plan.  

Why choose a Christianity based rehab?

Studies have shown that religious beliefs greatly help reduce destructive behaviors like substance abuse.  Faith-based recovery, coupled with supervised detox, counseling, and therapy is very useful in achieving long-term recovery. This is what you will get in our Christianity based rehab.

For the best Christian rehab in Orange County offering programs focusing on both physical and spiritual well-being, contact ITTR. Our highly specialized services guarantee you'll receive the highest level of care in your addiction treatment.

Christian Rehab Orange County

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