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Christian Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Did you, or a loved one fall victim to the demon of addiction? A Christian drug rehab in Los Angeles is your best chance of rebuilding your faith and full recovery. At ITTR, we help regain your connection to a higher power, giving you the motivation you need.

What is a Christian drug rehab?  

Christian drug rehab is a treatment center that combines faith and prayer in the treatment of addiction. Here a patient takes part in church services, prayer meetings, bible studies, and faith-based counseling and therapy sessions. Addiction impacts people's faith in many ways, destroying your love of Christ and setting you on the wrong path.

Our Faith-based Christian drug rehabs have developed therapies that encourage a stronger bond with God. We use the twelve steps program, which is scripture infused, to facilitate treatment and promote long term recovery and sobriety. This program is mostly similar to the traditional steps. The only difference being that each step matches with scripture from the New Testament, connecting teachings from the Bible with the conventional principles.

How effective are Christian rehabs?

There have been multiple studies done on what bearing faith has as a treatment method for addiction, and almost all these studies showed that it was a powerful tool. We do not use religion as an alternative to medical treatments. Faith, however, gives a patient a way to connect with a power higher than them, using this belief to motivate themselves through treatment.

Our Christian drug rehab in Los Angeles promotes recovery in various ways including:

  • By creating a community and support system of like-minded people
  • Enabling people to believe in a higher power 
  • Making people more receptive to prayer and other spirituality based treatments
  • Generating hope and motivating people towards recovery
  • Helping patients to clear their minds and be more responsive to treatment

What to look for from a Christian rehab program

When looking for a good spirituality based treatment center, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. These are:

  • The type of treatment on offer – it is vital to know the kind of therapy on offer, and the principles counseling sessions follow. Does the center offer group or individual counseling? In both of these options, our treatment methods include psychological principles even though they have a spiritual foundation.
  • The foundation for faith – not all spiritual rehab centers provide the same options. Before starting a program, it is crucial to know about the spiritual principles the center functions on, especially if this will influence how you receive treatment. We base our programs wholly on Christian principles.
  • How the rehab incorporates these principles – you not only have to be okay with the program’s spiritual beliefs but also be comfortable with how the program includes these spiritual principles.

At ITTR, we provide the highest standard of holistic treatment within a comfortable setting. Our Christian drug rehab in Los Angeles delivers detox and in-patient programs for addiction as well as co-occurring issues.

Christian Drug Rehab Los Angeles

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