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Specialized medical detox and residential treatment programs that offer 24-hour support and monitoring in a highly structured and safe environment.

With ITTR, you can count on the highest level of care for stability, mental health treatment, and intensive medical care.

Beverly Hills Rehabilitation Center

Is addiction something you struggle with every day? Do you want to begin your life anew, addiction-free? Our Beverly Hills rehabilitation center can help you with that as soon as you contact us. We, at ITTR, deal with opioid and alcohol addictions, as well as co-occurring disorders, so do not hesitate to come to us.

What is the goal of rehabilitation?

The process of rehabilitation seeks to help addicts overcome withdrawal and reintegrate themselves into society. Drug detox treatment is essential in this process, as it focuses on medication-based procedures to alleviate drug cravings. Furthermore, holistic and psychotherapeutic treatments aid the progress of our patients, preventing relapsing, and healing their psyche.

Rehabilitation has one primary purpose – to return a patient to the original medical state before the onset of addiction. In this sense, methadone represents one of the first medications used to deal with addiction. Combined with buprenorphine, our medication treatment can cure even severe drug cravings or muscle aches.

A holistic approach to treat addiction

We believe that a patient’s mental condition is just as important as the physical status, if not critical in some circumstances. Dually diagnosed patients, for instance, have psychological issues related to addiction, and we must treat them even more seriously as a consequence.

While we would use medication to treat drug cravings and mild mental problems, severe withdrawal symptoms combined with the risks of relapsing change the situation entirely. As such, we apply efficient and innovative holistic techniques like psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, community reinforcement, motivational enhancement, or DBT. Through these procedures, we make sure that our patients receive quality mental care.

The importance of rehabilitation

You cannot underestimate the rehabilitation process when it comes to addiction. Without it, a drug or alcohol addict would have no way to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Most importantly, addiction would continue to harm the body and mind. For this reason, our Beverly Hills rehabilitation center provides quality-housing conditions for addicts who want to escape addiction.

We offer the solution that people suffering from substance abuse have always been looking for. Our detox rehab programs are flexible, which means that we can find the most suitable treatment for your particular case. Whether you suffer from mild withdrawal symptoms or severe post-acute withdrawal syndrome, we will be able to provide help.

Who needs rehabilitation?

People with substance abuse problems, alcohol addicts, and dually diagnosed people should all seek to undergo rehabilitation. Our Beverly Hills rehabilitation center has one of the best-integrated treatments that deal with addiction effectively. We not only eliminate your drug cravings and harmful thought patterns, but we also ensure you will not relapse in the future.

Our housing programs are ideal for anyone looking for mild-to-intense rehab procedures. Whether you only want to undergo surface analyses and receive short-term treatment, or you need more advanced assistance, we can accommodate you. At IITR, we provide quality medical and psychological support for immediate and lasting recovery.

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Why It's Time to Recover?

The mission of ITTR is to provide the highest standard of treatment in a comfortable setting. Our staff of highly skilled professionals provide medical detox and inpatient services for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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