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Specialized medical detox and residential treatment programs that offer 24-hour support and monitoring in a highly structured and safe environment.

With ITTR, you can count on the highest level of care for stability, mental health treatment, and intensive medical care.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County

How long have you wanted to escape from alcohol addiction but couldn’t do it? Struggling alone is a wasted effort, most of the times because it is a biological problem as much as it is one of mental stability. At ITTR, we offer the best alcohol rehab in Orange County so that you can become sober.

How do we treat alcohol addiction?

Firstly, we have the best experts in the field working tirelessly to treat your alcohol addiction. Our staff is adept at dealing with patients suffering from addiction, and they will provide a much-needed sense of familiarity and safety. Moreover, we offer alcohol detox programs that we personalize to suit your condition.

In this sense, we have different approaches for our patients. For instance, a long-term heavy-drinker requires a more intense treatment schedule than a recent drinker. Moreover, we need to monitor severe cases carefully, to prepare for any change in the program or a potential relapse.

The duration of alcohol rehab

The duration necessary for successful alcohol detoxification ranges from two to ten days, usually. During this process, we apply medication-based treatments to ease the after-effects of drug addiction. Our treatment aims to alleviate the alcohol withdrawal process and eliminate any potential complications.

The default treatment program is the inpatient one, where we care for you on a 24/7 basis. We supervise your development constantly so that we can adequately prepare for any unforeseen changes. Moreover, we can efficiently provide support to patients more likely to relapse. The outpatient program following a successful drug detox lasts from 30 to 90 days, depending on a patient’s condition.

The most efficient drug detox facilities

We provide quality alcohol rehab in Orange County simply because we understand the difficulties of dealing with alcohol addiction. Because you can’t treat yourself at home, we have devised specialized detox programs and medication-based approaches that do that for you. Our customized treatment follows a flexible and adaptive perspective, where we treat each patient differently.

Our residential treatment program promotes long-term recovery in a safe and comfortable environment. To this end, we provide luxury-oriented amenities such as – a fitness center, swimming pools, therapeutic activities like yoga, equine therapy, and music therapy. With our help, your recovery is only a question of when not how.

How do you detox from alcohol?

One way is through medical detox, an approach that centers on modern medical instruments and medicine. The one way you can escape from the clutches of alcohol addiction safely and efficiently – alcohol rehab in Orange County. You only need to hospitalize yourself in our center, and we take care of the rest.

We, at ITTR, strive to eliminate your substance abuse problems completely. We want to give you a release from addiction, to help you regain sobriety, and to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Our center also treats co-occurring mental health disorders linked to addiction, to provide a thorough and complete rehab method.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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The mission of ITTR is to provide the highest standard of treatment in a comfortable setting. Our staff of highly skilled professionals provide medical detox and inpatient services for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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