Individuals who have decided to seek help through a detox program for a drug or alcohol addiction should be commended. They should also feel full of hope knowing that overcoming their addiction is possible and that there are carrying professionals out there who are willing to help them.

Some people who have dealt with a drug or alcohol addiction have felt that going cold turkey is the best route. While this may work for a small percentage of people, the cold turkey method is usually setting a person up for failure. First, as soon as a person starts to experience drug or alcohol withdrawal in Anaheim, CA, they can easily relapse. Depending on how long they have been dealing with addiction and other factors, the withdrawal symptoms can be so strong that a person simply wants to stop the pain and suffering, leading to relapse.

A second reason why the cold turkey method is not the best option is because many individuals who are dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction are dealing with a co-occurring disorder. They may be experiencing a mental health issue at the same time they are dealing with an addiction. The only way to break free from addiction is to address both problems at the same time. Professionals will be able to help with alcohol withdrawal in Anaheim, CA, and the co-occurring mental health disorder. The goal is to help a person completely heal and learn how to live without drugs or alcohol.

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